“Advanced Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (EMF) for your home”

The ultimate in affordable Wellness Technology
The wellness benefits to the human body from Low Induction Pulsed EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy have been scientifically proven in thousands of small, medium and large scale clinical trials across the globe over the past 20 years. Thousands of University Hospital clinical trials for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions across the globe have increased public awareness and appreciation for this effective “pain free, non-invasive” therapy modality.

Medica Health International has harnessed the tried and tested therapeutic qualities of EMF Therapy and introduced them into the SunRiseSunSet Home Wellness System.

Worldwide Leaders in Wellness technology
Whether you are old or young the importance of a healthy and vibrant physical body is only fully appreciated when we no longer have it. Rather than wait for our bodies to loose precious wellbeing Medica Health International have developed SunRiseSunSet as the ultimate non-invasive homeostasis wellness system.

What is EMF Therapy?
Human Energy FieldLots of people hear the term Electro Magnetic Field Therapy and wrongly associate it with Magnet Therapy. Magnets offer limited benefits due to delivering static localized frequency whereas EMF Therapy, via a sophisticated computer processor and coils, produces a magnetic field similar to the Earth's magnetic field and delivers a range of pulsed frequencies to the body at a cellular level to boost reparation, vitality and circulation.


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